Best Funny Photo/Image/Picture Collection Part-5

All Contents of The Post Are Just for Your Mental Refreshment. Nothing Is Used to Hurt Any One, Please Take It Easily. Keep Laughing, Get Pleasure, Be Happy. Here Is The 5th Part (from 61st to 75th) of Our World's Best Funny Photo/Image/Picture Collection :
I Am Not Smelling.
funny photo of image gallery
Statue Is Too Curious!
curious statue funny pic
Which Contain The Foot?
funny leg and shoe photo
Athlete's Funny Photo.
hidden head position funny photo
They've Received A Mail!
funny letter mail photo
That's Not Coming from The Cane.
drinks cane in funny position
How Long The 13 No. Player's Hand Is!
player long hand funny photo
Statue Is Going to Catch The Airplane!
statue and airplane funny image
Airplane Is Standing On Electric Cable!
airplane and electric cable fun
What Is She Doing?
Young Female old man funny position photo
Gas Comes from The Bird!
bird's funny photo picture
Never Try to Kiss A Police, That May Be Dangerous.
funny police photo
Funny Authority Name.
modified authority name became funny photo
Is The Sun Hanging?
hanging sun funny photo
Hold The Sun In Hand!
super funny photo of the sun

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